Duncanville ISD utilizes the Texas Teachers Evaluation and Support System as the instrument for professional development and performance appraisal. This system consists of:

    • Goal-setting and professional development plan
    • Evaluation rubric based on the Texas Standards for Teachers
    • Embedded student growth measures.

    T-TESS is intended to promote a growth mind-set in educators by providing a structure to self-reflect and receive ongoing, meaningful feedback from peers and supervisors.

    *149.1001 - Purpose: The standards identified in this section are performance standards to be used to inform the training, appraisal, and professional development of teachers.

    Six(6) Standards
    • Standard 1: Instructional Planning and Delivery
    • Standard 2: Knowledge of Students and Student Learning
    • Standard 3: Content Knowledge and Expertise
    • Standard 4: Learning Environment
    • Standard 5: Data-Drriven Practice
    • Standard 6: Professional Practices and Responsibilities

    Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 149 - Effective June 8, 2014