• Full Day Tuition-Based Questions & Answers

    Q: Where may I obtain an application?
    A: Application for enrollment is available online on the Duncanville ISD Website www.duncanvilleisd.org; click on PreK Regstration and click Enroll Here.  Once you have accessed the online application, be sure to choose the 2020-2021 school year.

    Q: What documents are required for placement into the PK program?
    A: A completed online application, child’s birth certificate, immunization record, social security card if available, copy of parent(s’) driver’s license, and proof of residency. (Either a current utility bill or mortgage/lease agreement with name and address of parent or legal guardian. Phone bills will not be accepted.) Only completed online applications will be eligible for enrollment.

    Q: What schools will offer this tuition-based program?
    A: Acton Elementary will offer full-day tuition-based PreK.

    Q: How much is tuition for 2019-2020?
    A: Yearly tuition is $4,750 with payments of $475 per month for 10 months due on the first day of the month (August-May). Duncanville ISD employees will utilize the payroll deduction system per pay period. A $100 non-refundable deposit is required upon acceptance into the program. Non-employees will pay tuition at the Duncanville Education Plaza located at 710 S. Cedar Ridge Drive, Duncanville, TX, 75137.

    Q: When is enrollment for the Tuition-based PK Program for 2019-2020?
    A: Pre-K Roundup is scheduled for APril 18 and April 20-21 at Acton Elementary, 7094 W. Wheatland Rd., Dallas 75249. After this date, please contact the Department of Early Childhood at 927-708-2075. 

    Q: What are school day hours?
    A: Regular school hours are 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

    Q: How early can I drop my child off?
    A: Doors open at 7:30 a.m. for breakfast.

    Q: Does attendance matter?
    A: The Compulsory Attendance laws contained in the Texas Education Code (TEC) do not require a parent to enroll his or her child in prekindergarten or kindergarten. However, once the parent voluntarily enrolls his or her child, the parent and child must follow Texas’ Compulsory Attendance laws found in TEC §25.085(c). Additional information regarding attendance requirements can be found in the Duncanville ISD Code of Conduct.

    Q: Is transportation provided?
    A: Duncanville ISD will not provide transportation for PK programs.

    Q: Are meals provided?
    A: Breakfast is free and lunch can be purchased for an additional fee or your child may bring a sack lunch. Parents are welcome to send a nutritious snack for snack time.

    Q: What are the meal prices?
    A: The current meal pricing this school year is- Breakfast: FREE for ALL students Lunch:  $3.00.  These prices are subject to change for the 2020-2021 school year.

    Q: Does my child have to eat lunch at school?
    A: Yes, lunch is built into their schedule.

    Q: Can my child bring his/her own breakfast/lunch to the cafeteria?
    A: Yes, however, the staff cannot heat food for them.

    Q: Are snacks provided?
    A: No, however, students will have a snack time, and can bring a healthy snack from home.

    Q: What curriculum will be used?
    A: The PK program provides a detailed outline of knowledge and skills young children need in order to build a solid foundation for later learning. A complete version of the Texas State Prekindergarten Guidelines can be found at http://tea.texas.gov/pkg.aspx.

    Q: Will my child receive a report card?
    A: Yes, students will receive a report card each nine weeks based on the skills outlined in the PK Guidelines.

    Q: How many students will be in the class?
    A: The prekindergarten program can have up to 22 children with a full-time certified teacher and teacher’s assistant.

    Q: I am an employee but I live outside of the Duncanville ISD district. Can I enroll my child?
    A: Yes, you will need to complete an employee transfer request in addition to the enrollment packet to be eligible.

    Q: I am an employee who lives within Duncanville ISD, but I do not live in the Acton attendance zone. Do I need to complete a request for transfer?
    A: No, PK students will be placed on a first-come-first served basis.

    Q: I am not an employee of Duncanville ISD. Is my child eligible to enroll?
    A: Yes, our tuition-based program is open-enrollment.

    Q: What happens if my child soils his/her clothes or has an “accident?”
    A: ALL students must be potty trained prior to starting school. We require that each student keep an extra set of clothes at school in the event of an accident.

    Q: My child has special needs. Will those be addressed through this program?
    A: This is not a program designed specifically for students with special needs. Children who have disabilities may attend a regular PK setting if eligible and an Admission Review Decision (ARD) committee determines that his or her needs can be appropriately met. Many children with special needs may be better served through other placements in early childhood programs. All decisions regarding children with disabilities will be made through the ARD committee process. If you have specific questions related to Special Education services, please contact Mackenzie Casall, Director of Special Education at (972) 708-2061.

    Due to the differing needs of preschoolers, some students will be learning things for the first time while others may be more advanced. ALL students, however, will be provided instruction that is tailored to their needs to make sure they are prepared for Kindergarten according to the Prekindergarten Guidelines.