Mrs. Thompson's Online Learning

  • Office hours:

    M-F 9a-11a, 1p-3p


    remind codes:

    9th grade: @dd4eb2

    10th grade: @g8c48cg

    11th grade: @cb8b8b

    12th grade: @kc4ak4a


    google Codes:

    1: Functional Math Lab:2ztuc7p

    2,3,4: Functional Geometry, Algebra 1 & MMA: yxfri6a

    5: Functional Environmental Science: bbxlces

    6: Functional IPC: ibnpy64

    7: Functional Biology: ky34u6n


    Google Classroom Instructions:

    Logging into to Google Classroom


    1. Use class code from your teacher.
    2.  Open a blank Google page.
    3. Hover over the circle with an initial or picture and make sure you are in your account.  

    If you aren’t in your account.  You will need to add it.    

    1.  Click on the “waffle” or square with 9 dots.



    1. Click on the Google Classroom Icon.  If you don’t see the icon, there is a scroll bar.  Scroll down to find. You can also type in the URL or search.
    1.  Click on the + 
    2. Enter the Class code you received from your Teacher

    And click Join in the bottom right corner.