• Federal and State Accountability

     Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR)

     Texas annually rates its public schools and districts on the academic performance of their students through the Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR), formerly known as the Academic Excellence Indicator System (AEIS). The TAPR reports provide a great deal of performance information about every public school and district in the state. These reports also provide extensive profile information about staff, finances, demographics and programs. The Texas Education Agency provides the TAPR report every year. More information and the district and campus TAPR reports can be found on the TEA website. (Note: No STAAR results are available on the 2011-12 AEIS Reports.)


    TAPR Duncanville ISD Report 2018-19         TAPR Campus Reports 2018-19


    Higher Education Reports

    Information from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
    Report of 2011-12 High School Graduates' Enrollment and Academic Performance in Texas Public Higher Education in FY2013
    Postsecondary Persistence and Performance

    National Student Clearinghouse (in-and out-of-state)



    HB 5 - Community and Student Engagement Ratings

     In addition to the accountability results based on learner assessment data, every Texas school district under the requirements of House Bill 5 was required beginning in the 2014-2015 school year, to evaluate each campus and the district as a whole on nine factors and assign ratings of Exemplary, Recognized, Acceptable, or Unacceptable in each of those factors based on district developed rubrics. These factors and rating comprise the Community and Student Engagement Accountability System (CSEAS).

    These ratings allow each district and campus the opportunity to showcase the broad spectrum of services, supports, and activities available to learners and the community as a whole and begin the process of widening the accountability measures beyond standardized assessments.

    To view the district and campus' Community and Student Engagement accountability rating please click here.

     Performance-Based Monitoring Analysis System (PBMAS)

    PBMAS reports are provided annually from the state (TEA) regarding their performance of school districts and charter schools in the areas of bilingual education/English as a second language, career and technical education, special education, and certain Title programs under the No Child Left Behind Act. The report is provided at the district, region and state levels.


    School Report Cards

    All District Schools Report Cards 2018-19

    School Report Cards are produced annually for each Texas public school campus by the Texas Education Agency.  Information included in the School Report Cards include:

    Accountability Rating

    Distinction Designations

    Performance Index


    Class Size Averages

    School Financial Information

    STAAR Results

    Graduation Rates

    Texas Success Initiatives (TSI)-Higher Education Readiness Component

    SAT/ACT Results


    2018-19 Federal Report Cards

    The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) requires each local education agency (LEA) that receives Title I Part A funding to disseminate specific LEA and Campus-level data to 1) all LEA campuses, 2) parents of all enrolled students, and 3) the general public via widely available public means such as posting on the Internet, distribution to the media, or distribution through public agencies.  To meet this requirement the Texas Education Agency (TEA) provides these statistics at the state level and for each district or campus that is required.

    Federal Report Card – Duncanville ISD

    Federal Report Card - State Public Schools  


    Financial Management Report (FIRST)

    All Texas school districts are required to report the results of the state’s financial accountability system, Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (FIRST). The FIRST ratings are based upon the evaluation of 16 criteria. Through the evaluation, FIRST aims to improve the management of school districts' financial resources.

    District Improvement Plan 2019-2020