• Made with Pride November

    This month’s Made with Pride honorees include student, Briana Martinez; teacher, Alexander Starr; and staff member, Brandonn Thomas.

    Brandonn Thomas is a network engineer in the Technology Department and he is the Made with Pride staff member of the month. Brandonn’s co-workers say he has made a huge difference in the Technology Department and the school district.

    Brandonn displays a high level of Professionalism regardless of the situation. He is always polite, has a wonderful attitude, and goes out of his way to help others. You can tell that Brandonn loves what he does. He’s extremely knowledgeable in his field, and when facing a tough situation, he is always ready with a possible solution.

    One of Brandonn’s strengths is the way he communicates with his co-workers. Brandonn understands the importance of his position with our district and how much we depend on his knowledge and expertise. The Technology staff relies on the network to do their jobs and to serve our students. We are fortunate that Brandonn provides us with updates after hours and during the weekends.

    Alexander Starr is a physical education teacher and coach at Central Elementary School and he was selected as the district’s teacher of the month.

    In addition to teaching his gym classes, Coach Starr founded the Morning Mile club where students are able to arrive  before school starts and exercise on the outdoor track. Students earn charms, shaped like little feet to signify the number of miles they walk.

    It takes a special person to dedicate themselves to come in extra early to provide a bonus activity for students. The students love participating in the Morning Mile, and it’s evident  by the smiles seen as the kids are running or walking around the playground.

    Coach Starr makes it a point to build long-lasting relationships with students to keep a positive atmosphere.

    Briana Martinez is a senior at Duncanville High School and was chosen as the district’s student of the month.

    Briana is an excellent student and maintains an A/B average. She has a good attitude and is a good role model for kids and peers to look up to.

    Briana has played four years of varsity softball; she has been in the starting line up all four years. Coach Bret Duff says she is what any coach would want in a player.

    Each year Briana has earned a superlative award for our district which is the highest honor and she holds the Duncanville High School record for most stolen bases with 88.  Coach Duff described Briana as a young lady with a lot of determination and a big heart.


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