Mr. Christopher Hill

Phone: 972 708 6558


Degrees and Certifications:

OCU - Org. Comm UNT - Mathematics

Mr. Christopher Hill

I love all things math.  Math and science are going to be integral to future success, both for students and adults.  I hope to help pave that road.  I also firmly believe instructors and parents should be a  unified team.  Please do not hesitate to contact me.

I understand home environments are enduring stress.  I am here to work with both parents and students.

During this challenging environment classwork will clearly be conducted differently.  All instruction and assignments will be conducted electronically.  Students will still be expected to review materials and conduct themselves appropriately.  Deadlines for assignment submissions will be expanded but will need to be completed within that window.  It will not be realistic for students to submit all their late work at the end of the grading period.

All material and classwork will be available via Google Classroom:

If your student has not yet registered in the Google Classroom, the code he/she needs to join the class is available at their previous Schoology web page.  No further assignments will be issued via Schoology.  Once the student joins the class in Google, that will be the last time this year they will need to access Schoology for my assignments.


Tutoring days/hours:     Online tutoring is currently available during district online office hours of 9am-11am and 1pm-3pm.

                                    (Other times can be arranged through email contact.)


My goal is to help anyone achieve the foundation in mathematics they need to be a critical thinker and find success on the path they choose.

  • Time

    A Day

    B Day

    7:30 – 8:25

    1st -

    1st -

    8:32– 10:07


    5th - PreCalculus PAP

    10:14 – 12:20

    3rd  – Statistics AP

    6th – PreCalculus PAP

    12:27 – 1:57

    4th – PreCalculus PAP

    7th – PreCalculus PAP

    2:04 – 3:00

    8th -

    8th -