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Mr. Executive Chef C. Whitfield

Chef Carlos Whitfield; Chef Instructor Chef Instructor CTE, DHS,          

Chef Carlos Whitfield is no stranger to the kitchen. After over 25 years perfecting his craft in the culinary industry (Private Chef, 5 star Executive Clubs, Food and Beverage Director for e.g. Sheraton and Hyatt Hotels World Wide; Executive Chef for Marriott, Sodexho, DOD US Government, Children’s Medical Centers and a host of many other food service appointments) and operating one of the most well-known catering companies in the southern sector for more than 14 years.

Chef Carlos puts a unique spin on all of the dishes we’ve come to enjoy: fresh, quality, flavorful American cuisine from a chef all too familiar with making the palate dance.  Chef Carlos operates under the philosophy of changing food taste norms while keeping the choices fresh and simple. “Eating good food should be an experience, not simply a means for sustenance,”  Every dish prepared by Chef Carlos is to engage three senses—sight, smell and taste.  Each dish is a colorful and artistic presentation that takes full advantage of Chef’s creativity. Chef Carlos believes that the visual appeal to a dish should be closely linked to the dishes aroma, which should in turn invite you to taste.  The taste itself is created to engage every part of your palate as the flavors bursts onto your tongue,” 

Chef Carlos Whitfield has now embarked on the next phase of his contribution to the world of Culinary Arts as Chef Instructor at Duncanville High School since 2014, where has begun to revolutionize the CTE culinary program for Duncanville Independent School District.

It is my mission to teach young minds to “Cook from the heart and …Eat from the mind” and "EVERY BITE COUNTS"

  • Duncanville High School Advance Culinary Arts 2019 - 2020

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    Student, I may best be reached to answer questions during your regularly scheduled class hours.