Ms. Brigitte Sutter

Phone: 972 708-3700


Degrees and Certifications:

- Master of Arts and Humanities, Lic. phil.!, University of Zurich, Switzerland. Major in the Italian History of Literature and Language, History of the Medieval and Modern Arts, Minor in French linguistics. -Texas Teacher certifications: Latin, German, French and ACTFL Italian, Grades 6-12. I speak some Spanish, I speak and write fluently in English, German, French and Italian.

Ms. Brigitte Sutter

I was born in the German part of Switzerland. My studies at the University of Zurich and the University of Bergamo in Italy for my Master's Degree sparked my interest in the innovative ideas and wisdom of the authors of the ancient world and their impact on our everyday life. During my studies, I started teaching French, Italian and Art History at the High School level. 

I have travelled to Greece, Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Turkey and Tunisia. When I moved to America, I got my teacher certifications for Latin, French, German and Italian because I wanted to teach languages. I taught for Arlington and Fort Worth ISD. I am a sponsor of the National and the Texas Junior Classical Leagues. These are associations that are committed to the promotion of the Latin and Greek knowledge and culture. I am a member of ACTFL, the American Council of the Teaching of Foreign Languages and AATG, the American Association of Teachers of German.



    1st Block: French 2

    2nd Block: Latin 1

    4th Block: Latin 1

    6th Block: Latin 2, 3/Pre AP

    7th Block: Latin 1

    8th Block: German 2