Mrs. Makeara Boucaud

Phone: 972-708-2951


Degrees and Certifications:

B.A in Arts and Technology

Mrs. Makeara Boucaud

I was born in Dallas, TX on October 12, 1986. As an only child, I was always surrounded by immediate family members who were much older than me such as my parents and grandparents.  I attended a private school in Addison, TX by the name of Trinity Christian Academy where I received a solid education and adapted to a religious lifestyle.  Deriving from a family of teachers, I was raised by a strongly supportive family who not only loved me but taught me many things.  Growing up, I was very fortunate to be involved in many curricular activities that kept me well rounded and open-minded.  As a child, I participated in ice-skating, girl scouts, western horseback riding, ballet, tap, child modeling for JC Penny, multiple art classes, and the church choir.  My parents always made sure to expose me to various cultures and people by taking me to various states and counties.  This gave me the opportunity to learn and appreciate surroundings other than what I saw on a daily basis in Dallas which is what I still adore to this very day.

My admiration of art goes all the way back into my childhood.  No one ever taught me how to draw or paint, it was something that always came to me naturally.  My mother noticed my love the arts and made sure to expose me to various types over the years and enrolling me in Art Programs. When I was in the 2nd grade, there was an art contest held at my school that allowed students to draw any picture that they felt best depicted “Field Day”. The winner would have their design made on shirts for all of the students to wear on that day. My design was in second place out of the entire school. I may not have won the contest, but that experience gave me so much confidence as a child knowing that my art work was chosen as one of the best. That was one of the moments as a child when I realized that Art was something that I not only loved, but excelled in.

            After attending TCA for many years, I enrolled into Newman Smith High School in 2001 where I would meet my future husband.  We have been together for 15 years and happily married for three.  Graduating with my High School Diploma in 2005, I went straight to Brookhaven Community College in the Fall and later transferred to University of Texas at Dallas to receive my Bachelor Degree in Art and Technology.  In 2006, I was introduced to the Montessori Method and worked in a couple of schools while attending college and well into my adult years.  In the duration of working in Montessori facilities, it was then that I found my true appreciation and love for teaching.  It involved much training and some things naturally came along. But at the end of the day, I always had a rewarding feeling knowing that I taught a student something new that they would carry on with them for the rest of their lives.

            Besides adoring the Montessori Method, I always looked up to my grandparents who were teachers in Magnolia, Arkansas.  They gained an immense amount of respect from their small town community practically teaching everyone that grew up there.  I always admired their patience, their kind spirit, genuine love for people, and the positive effect they had on others’ lives from being teachers for so many years. My father was also a history teacher in the Dallas Independent School District for many years. Even when he decided to no longer teach, he worked for the Dallas Independent School District Policed Department still serving the community through the ISD until he retired in 2015. 

            I currently reside in Garland, TX with my husband and our six year old son, and work in Merrifield Elementary as the Art Teacher.  Every day, I look forward to going to work knowing that I am making an impact on a child’s life in one way or another.  Even if the student may not consider Art as their number one subject, I strive to always be a positive role model for them.

  • Boucaud’s Daily Schedule


    7:30 – 8:00             Morning Duty

    8:00 – 8:50             Conference

    8:55 – 9:50             4th Grade

    9:55 – 10:50          1st Grade

    10:55 – 11:50        2nd Grade

    11:55 – 12:15        Pre – K Lunch Duty

    12:20 – 12:50        Lunch

    12:50 – 1:45          Kinder

    1:50 – 2:45            3rd Grade