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Mathematics 4-12 ESL Supplementary


You've stumbled upon my about the teacher page. You are one of the lucky few to read the following details about me, Mr. Roderick.


My wife and I married on Super Bowl Sunday in 2011. Since then we've produced three beautiful children. Zoë in 2012, Eevee in 2014, and Gwen Tarylor in 2017. I don't plan on having any more children.

I have taught up and down the spectrum of mathematics from 7th grade mathematics all the way up to pre-calculus.

Education is my calling, mathematics is my specality. 

I have many hobbies and probably the most prevalent through my free time would be tabletop gaming. My wife and I met in college and developed a taste for different tabletop games to play in our free time. Now, our closets are full of different board and card games.

The second chance to get me to ramble off on a tangent is to talk about pop culture, especially movies and comics.

Access to the book should work with this link.;kfive=B092402751C281B1AFD0CA78E4833BD8-kfive?bookId=YX8SPB4QE2R7ZQ6Q61V34PZJY1