• Transportation 

    The Duncanville ISD Transportation Department is dedicated to providing our students with the safest and most efficient ride possible. Our daily mission is to provide a safe and reliable service for students, staff, and community through a well-trained and positive staff.
    Our department consists of over 100 employees including drivers, sub drivers, attendants, mechanics, and office staff that are committed to the safety of student bus riders. Each person takes this responsibility very serious as we transport over 6,000 students to and from school each day..

    If you have any questions, concerns, or positive feedback please feel free to call or stop by our department anytime.

    School and Bus Find icon
    School Find is a comprehensive data base of all residential addresses served by Duncanville ISD. Parents and Campuses can use this on-line tool to help determine if a student lives within the Duncanville School District, and if school bus service is available.
    All school bus stop times are estimates only and could be effected by weather, traffic, and varying conditions. Please allow a 10 minute window before and a 10 minute window after estimated bus stop times when sending your student to the bus stop (this is more crucial for  the first two weeks of school).