Board Terms

Place Name Year Elected Term Expires
1 Jacqueline (Jackie) Culton 2019 2022
2 Phil McNeely 2019 2022
3 Janet Veracruz 2019 2022
4 Renee McNeely 2017 2020
5 Cassandra Phillips 2017 2020
6 Janice Savage-Martin 2018 2021
7 Carla Fahey 2018 2021
  • Citizen Comments

    Individuals wishing to address the Board may do so during the Public Forum/Communications portion of the Public agenda item. Those wishing to speak during this time must complete a Public Forum Card found on the table near the Board Room entrance. Cards must be placed in the Forum box located in the same area. The Board may not address comments made during Public Forum.

    Board meeting agendas are published online at and are posted in compliance with the Texas Open Meetings Act.