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Email Security Alert Guidelines

E-mail phishing scams attempt to steal data (usernames, passwords, credit card data stored in browsers, etc) and/or install viruses or malware by encouraging recipients to click on links within an e-mail which appears to come from a valid and/or authoritative source.


The Duncanville ISD Technology Department will take all possible steps to remove these items from the system, however the safety of your personal data as well as the security of the Duncanville ISD Network is reliant on a team effort.


Please remember the following guidelines for e-mail and digital citizenship:

  1. The Duncanville ISD Technology Department, Microsoft, the IRS nor any other valid entity will ever send e-mails requesting users to click on links to change passwords or perform any other action which would relate to a secure communication. This is very important as understanding this guideline will allow you as a user to remain vigilant and skeptical regarding unsolicited and dangerous e-mail communications.
  2. E-mails from unknown senders which contain web links should NEVER be opened beyond preview, should never be manipulated or forwarded, and included web links should never be clicked.
  3. E-mails from unknown senders or unsolicited/suspicious e-mails from known contacts which contain web links should ALWAYS be deleted immediately.
  4. If in doubt regarding any suspicious e-mail communication, contact the Technology Department immediately, using the following process:
    1. Send a new e-mail (DO NOT FORWARD THE SUSPICIOUS EMAIL ITEM) to, with the following:

    - Subject - SUSPICIOUS E-MAIL

    - Body - Include the subject and sending contact information from the suspicious e-mail.

2.       Delete the suspicious e-mail immediately 

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Duncanville ISD Technology