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District Teachers of the Year Receive Surprise Announcements

District Teachers of the Year

Congratulations to our 2020 Duncanville ISD District Teachers of the year - Adam Conant at Fairmeadows Elementary School and Alex Horton at Duncanville High School.

These teachers represent the best of Duncanville ISD. They were nominated as Campus Teachers of the Year by their peers and then participated in an interview process before being selected to represent the entire district for elementary or secondary education.

Adam Conant is Duncanville ISD’s 2020 Elementary District Teacher of the Year. Mr. Conant is a bilingual teacher who has been with the district for five years and currently teaches at Fairmeadows Elementary School.

Among Mr. Conant’s many accomplishments, he is looking to grow in leadership and was a member of the Inspiring Leadership Academy. The ILA is an internal, rigorous program designed to coach and inspire employees to grow and promote into district leadership. In addition to teaching his own elementary students, Mr. Conant is a mentor teacher for Duncanville High School students who participate in the education internship program.

Mr. Conant invests in his students’ personal lives to increase family engagement. By attending students’ quinceañeras, sporting events, church events and more, he is able to encourage parents to participate fully in their students’ education.

Before becoming a teacher, Mr. Conant was a missionary in Mexico for three years where he helped to build an orphanage.  Seeing how education had the ability to positively impact the lives of children prompted him to become a teacher. 

Alex Horton is Duncanville ISD’s 2020 Secondary District Teacher of the Year. Mr. Horton began his education career as a paraprofessional at Duncanville High School before earning his teaching degree. Mr. Horton has been a teacher for seven years and currently teaches 11th grade Social Studies and AP U.S. History. 

Mr. Horton mentors first-year teachers and is also working to grow his leadership skills through the district’s Inspiring Leadership Academy.  

Mr. Horton teaches servant leadership as the co-founder of M.Y.S.O.N Leadership, a mentoring program for future leaders. In his program, students completed a service learning project for the homeless at the Salvation Army. 

That passion to serve and to lead came when Mr. Horton spent a summer in Oakland, California with his aunt. She taught summer programs in the community, and as Mr. Horton worked with her, he realized his own community needed him. His aunt’s example showed him that education is a way to make a difference. 

Published 5/26/20