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Junior Earns Associate Degree from Mountain View College

Kaleb Berry

Kaleb Berry is 16 years old, but this spring, as a high school junior, he completed his associate degree at Mountain View College.

“It feels surreal – it actually hasn’t set in for me,” Kaleb said. “I’m really excited for what’s to come though. The opportunities this will bring when I go to a four-year school.”

In addition to having two years of college under his belt, Kaleb also could have finished his high school career as a junior. Instead, he opted to save a couple of classes to take next year so he can experience a senior year running cross country, attending school events and even have a traditional prom and graduation.

“I’m already a year ahead, and I didn’t really want to graduate that early,” Kaleb said. “I just want to enjoy myself, make memories and just enjoy my life in high school.

Kaleb is part of the inaugural class of the Duncanville High School Collegiate Academy. All 81 students in the choice program are on track to graduate high school next year with their diploma and an associate degree.

“The Collegiate Academy graduating class of 2021 are true trailblazers,” said Collegiate Academy Principal Pamela Thomas. “They have successfully transitioned to Mountain View College and embraced a college culture.”

“The collegiate academy staff has been very supportive and helpful to Kaleb,” said Kaleb’s mother, Lakisha Berry. “I could not ask for a better support system. They really have gone above and beyond to allow him to go at his own pace.”

Kaleb’s coursework has been centered on math and science, but he hasn’t made a final decision about what he wants to study in college.

“I’m trying to figure out what I really want to do – what my passion is,” Kaleb said. He has a senior year of high school to find the answer.

Published: 6/22/20